Monday, July 7, 2008

4D pictures because he was turned the wrong way

Well, a lesson in patience is a good thing to learn for motherhood. We went for our 4 D ultrasound and Cooper had a mind of his own. He was turned the wrong way so the technician decided to zap him with some vibration/sound to get him to turn to the front. That mad him really mad and he turned completely to the back and wouldn't move again. Oh well. Now we have to wait until September to see his sweet face. That actually makes me excited because now we have no preconceived notions of what he looks like and will be completely surprised. We are just thankful for a healthy baby!!


Southern Mama said...

That is so funny! Oh, Well. You'll have something else to look forward to on his birthday!

Jan said...

Cooper, that's OK, I'm looki8ng forward to seeing your precious little face when you arrive! I was just in Memphis, Daddy painted your room, and your furniture came... it's all so prefect and waiting for you! Mama and I went to water aerobics to help you and her be healthy. And, I went shopping with Mama... you have some v-e-r-y cute stuff!
Counting the weeks,
Your Mimi