Sunday, September 7, 2008

Hunter's Big Adjustment

As many people know, Hunter is my 6 year old lab that was actually my first baby. He was my buddy who went with me the the the Walgreen's drive thru. He slept with me and followed me around the house. He was never within 2 feet of me. We have what some might say is an unusual bond or unhealthy attachment to each other..:) Well, my heart has been breaking this week as I look at Hunter. He has kinda gotten lost in the shuffle. We don't let him in the nursery. So, he just sits outside the door with this sad look on his face. I feel like he looks at me saying " Remember when I was your number one buddy?" Yesterday, I just layed in the floor with him for 30 minutes. Sometimes, I pass by him now without acknowledging him only to turn around, and he is just standing there looking at me. Hunter, I am so sorry that you have been moved down a notch. When Cooper gets big enough though, you will have a forever friend and playmate.

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jennifer said...

oh buddy! that's so pitiful. when things slow down a little, it will get better! avery loves playing with our gunner.