Saturday, January 24, 2009

Priceless Video

I didn't realize Josh had this video until this week. As we were going thru our old videos, I found this one from the day Cooper was born. After I had a hurried C-Section that was extremely stressful, they rolled me into the recovery room. Up until then, I didn't have my glasses on so I couldn't even see Cooper's face. I put my glasses on and looked at Cooper, and he started making this precious noise. He did it for about 2 months after we got home. Boy, how I miss that sweet sound. I wouldn't take a million dollars for this video. It seems just like yesterday, but it has been almost 5 months.


Mimi said...

That IS priceless, I had forgotten those sweet little sounds.

See you soon, love and kisses

Southern Mama said...

Awwww, Amy, I love this. I especially love how he stops when he hears your voice. Priceless indeed!