Friday, August 15, 2008

First weekly exam

I went for my first check today and nothing is happening. No anything. I know Cooper is going to make us wait until the last possible moment. We had a scare Wednesday night and went to the hospital because I was experiencing double and blurred vision. I thought something was going on with my blood pressure. All was well in that area so we think it was now some optic neuritis associated with MS. Luckily it subsided and they let me come home. I threw our bags in the car but thank goodness it was a false alarm because I forgot about a half dozen things. And, we didn't have our car seat installed. We just went today and bought a video camera for the big day. So now all that is left it to meet our pediatrician and I have to wash a few last things. Mimi isn't coming in for 8 more days so surely he will hold off until then. September 4th is booked and ready for the C-Section just in case we go the full distance.

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Jan said...

Count down, I'll be there in 7 days and waiting for you! I can hardly wait to see what you look like!

Be good and don't kick around a lot at night and keep Mama up - she needs to be rested.

Love and kisses,
your Mimi