Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Growing up too fast!!

When I was pregnant, time crept by as slow as Christmas. Days felt like weeks. I thought he would never get here.Now I have turned around and Cooper has gotten so big. He will be 8 weeks old on Sunday. He has already outgrown his newborn clothes and has moved on to a stage 2 diapers. Time is just flying by. I kiss his precious face every night and stare into into sweet eyes to capture every moment. I don't want to forget a thing. Because Cooper was a fertility baby, I realize he may be our only one. Part of me wants him to stay this little forever so he will always hold tight to my finger and let me snuggle him close to my heart every night before bed. He is the biggest ball of love. As I sit here typing this, I tear up at how God has poured out HIS abundant LOVE for us by giving us this precious gift.

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