Monday, November 24, 2008

3 months old

Here we are with a 3 month old. Hard to believe. Time has just flown by. Cooper is getting so big and changing every day. He is really interacting with us alot and cooing when we talk to him. He is the happiest when he first wakes up. He stretches out on his diaper changing table and gives us the biggest smiles. He seems to have such a joyful spirit. I pray that stays with him. Inner peace has eluded me my entire life, and I pray that my son feels joy, happiness and peace. I want him to laugh at the small things and not worry so much about tomorrow. I want him to know that God will take care of his needs but not always his wants. I want him to be a giving and compassioante soul that doesn't feel entitled to the world. I pray over him at every feeding. I pray for him to be healthy first and foremost. I pray for him to be safe and happy. I want him to know how much he was wanted and adored every day of his life from the moment he was conceived.

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