Monday, November 24, 2008

The Curse of the Swing

From the moment we got the baby the way, thank you very, very much to Jennifer for letting us borrow it, Cooper has loved it. I mean he practically wants to live in it. We started putting him in there more and more and putting him in his basinette and crib less and less. Who am I kidding, he hardly ever was put in the crib. Actually, that is where I would put him for a few minutes so I could fold clothes or unload the dishwasher. As my husband says "Nice, he has a very expensive play pen." Anyway, I was reading in the sleep book about how bad swings are and how they artificially put babies to sleep and they never learn to sooth themselves. I would have read this book sooner, but no kidding, every time I would read the Sleep book it would put me to sleep. Well great. That is the only way to get Cooper to go to sleep is to swing away on the fastest mode. He will sleep in it for hours. But, 2 nights ago we decided it was time to make this baby sleep in his crib at night. This endeavor is not for the weak. I tell you my calm, mellow, easy going baby screams bloody murder as soon as he is laid down. I mean the type of screaming that is like "Call 911, I am being abused" type screaming. You are probably thinking "Well, how long could that last?" 2 hours I tell you. 2 full hours. I wanted to cry uncle several times and give up. But we are pressing forward with night 3 of this torture. I am sure he is wondering why we can't go back to good ole carefree days of swinging. My answer is because he will eventually grow out of the swing, and then we are in a whole heap of trouble if he won't sleep in his bed. Please pray for us as we continue down this road. We will not be defeated by this 13 pound baby. I hope.

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