Thursday, November 20, 2008

Holding head BIG!!

Is that a puppy looking back at me?

So inquisitive

Man, this is hard work. Can't I just play and goof off?

SO much tummy time that he passed out
just sitting up.

Nothing to do with tummy time....just so cute...
his new footed pajamas Mommy loves anything with puppies on it.

Cooper has been doing his daily tummy time in order to strengthen his neck muscles and learn to hold his head up without assistance. Just in the last week, he is really holding his head up and looking around. I told him we are on a major deadline because I want him to be able to hold his head up in time for the First Christmas Card picture...:) Surely, he will oblige his sweet momma. He will be 12 weeks or 3 months on Sunday. Boy, time flies when your sleep deprived...I mean having fun.

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Emily & Amelia said...

OK - he is just the cutest!!! Love all the pics!