Tuesday, November 18, 2008

We love our Bumbo...not!!!

The first time we put Cooper in his Bumbo, he really seemed to love it. The Bumbo, for those of you that don't know, is an awesome invention. It is a chair that is made out of a rubber material that a baby can sit in really before they can sit up by themselves. Well, evidently, that was a fluke because now this is Cooper's reaction to the Bumbo. What gives? What is not to like about it? Maybe he will grow to love it. We are hoping the same thing about his crib.

The second picture is what happens when we put him in his Papasan chair. What is his deal? It is so nice and cozy. I would love one if they came in an adult size. Unless he is being held or in his swing, he is not a happy camper. So you know, first child syndrome, we end up holding him all day and night. I know. We are setting ourselves up for a major battle. Just like a diet, we will start that "putting him down"project tomorrow.

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